28 December 2011

The Holy Man Sketch

The Holy Man Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
The Holy Man Sketch
Alright, after about one or two years later from making the previous drawings, i made not new sketches. Maybe there was no time or no idea came to my mind. Then, a teacher in my class asked about students with good drawing skills. Somehow, few students name came forward along with me. She wanted us to make many drawings for the exhibition. She gave me a page on which this picture i draw was present. First, she told me to make the drawing to show to her. Then, after she was satisfied with my drawing, she told me to make another one for the exhibition. This one was the first drawing i made and is still with me. I never came to know this persons name. Maybe someone reading this blog can tell. Based on the looks i gave him the name 'The Holy Man Sketch'.

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