28 December 2011

Never Throw Your Bad Sketches

A Not So Good Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
Not So Good Sketch
This is a Sketch i made recently. I think it is very bad, but i still keep it. However, i don't show it to anyone (until i put it on this blog). The benefit to a bad sketch is that you see your mistakes and don't repeat them in the future. Maybe, it doesn't looks good because its too simple and has no special texture or features but i know that i need to improve my shading and improve my selectivity while starting a sketch. Also the hair, mouth, etc. features need to be improved. So, i learned a lot from this one and made the best drawing of my life after this sketch, which i will post after many blog posts and many sketches. Hope you like the article and change your thinking about any bad art you make. So, there is no bad art at all. In the end, i will say never throw your bad sketches.Thanks for reading.

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