24 May 2012

Dragon Ball Z Sketches


Gohan, Vegeta and Goku from Dragon Ball Z
Gohan, Vegeta and Goku from Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime series which came into existence as soon as the previous series Dragon Ball series ended. Dragon Ball Z is developed from manga series of the same show. Many other Dragon Ball series, special episodes, movies, card games, video games and movies are also developed but Dragon Ball Z anime series is the most popular among all of these. In this post, i will present a collection of my favorite Dragon Ball Z sketches that i have made so far. This post contains five of my Dragon Ball Z sketches.

Kid Gohan Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
A sketch of Kid Gohan

Dragon Ball Z Sketch - Kid Gohan

The sweetest, powerful and most loved character of Dragon Ball Z is Gohan. Dragon Ball Z series shows Gohan from his childhood till the point he has kids of his own. Gohan has in himself a lot of power which comes out at certain times. Gohan has a significant role in Dragon Ball Z series from beginning to end. I have always loved to sketch Gohan. This sketch on the left shows Gohan when he is a kid. The sketch of Gohan was easy to make and i used simple pencil shading technique for the creation of the sketch of Gohan.

Teen Gohan Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
A sketch of Teen Gohan

Dragon Ball Z sketch - Teen Gohan

Another Gohan sketch for the Dragon Ball Z sketches collection. This sketch shows the Gohan after many years. At this stage, Goku has another son named Goten, who his very powerful by birth. Also, Goten has a powerful sayian friend named Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma. This sketch of Gohan may look a bit different than he is in real, because this sketch was not made from the real picture of Gohan but from that part of Dragon Ball Z when Gohan is encapsulated inside Buu. So, this Gohan is made inside the Buu's mind and is bad. So, i this is a bad Gohan's sketch. Goku and Vegeta encounter this Gohan when they get trapped inside Buu and they had to fight Gohan, Goten and Trunks inside Buu's mind. That's it for the Gohan's sketches in this Dragon Ball Z sketches post.

Goku sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
A sketch of Goku

Dragon Ball Z Sketch - Goku

The latest sketch that i have made for the Dragon Ball Z sketches collection is the sketch of Goku. Goku is the Hero of the Dragon Ball Z series. Goku is always helping his friends and other people of earth and other planets. Goku never fights for personal gains but for helping others and saving various planets. In Dragon Ball Z series, if someone collects seven Dragon Balls, they can get their wish fulfilled from the Dragon. Goku always collects the Dragon Balls but never collects them for the personal gains. Goku fights the evil characters of Dragon Ball Z to prevent them from collecting the Dragon Balls and harming the innocent people. So, this Dragon Ball Z sketch is for the great sayian warrior, Goku. Goku turns into Super Sayian to fight against evil with extreme power. This sketch of Goku shows him at the Super Sayian level 2. For making this sketch, i have used a pencil and a marker. I draw the outline of Goku's sketch with pencil and then filled it with black marker, which gave it high contrast and made it look like real Goku. In this post, i have only one sketch of Goku to show but i'll draw more of Goku's sketches very soon.

Jeice, Ginyu force sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
A sketch of Jeice

Dragon Ball Z sketch - Jeice

A sketch that i made on the wall of my previous home. Fortunately got one picture of the sketch of Jeice in my computer. Jeice is a member of the Ginyu force that appears on the Namek planet when Goku and his friends are searching for the Dragon Balls on Namek. Ginyu force consists of five bad guys that work for Frieza and fight against Goku and his friends. Ginyu force consists of Captain Ginyu (The Commander), Jeice, Burter, Recoome and Guldo. Gohan, Vegeta and Krillin were struggling against the Ginyu force on Namek but were able to beat the Ginyu force after the arrival of Goku on Namek. The real Jeice looks almost like this sketch, but with a difference that he had orange skin. Well, i could have made orange skin on Jeice's sketch but i gave him natural skin color so he looks good on my room's wall. The sketch of Jeice from Dragon Ball Z that i made on the wall of my room helped me today to add one more sketch to the collection of the Dragon Ball Z sketches. As far as i remember, i made this one with pencil, then darken the outline with a sketch pen and then colored Jeice's face with colored pencils. That's it for Jeice's Sketch.

Buu and Vegeta sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
A sketch of Buu and Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z Sketch - Buu and Vegeta

Another Dragon Ball Z sketch for this post, the fight scene between Vegeta and Buu. Vegeta is a sayian like Goku but is a bad guy since the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z series. Goku too was sent to earth to destroy the planet when he grows but luckily Goku lost his memory in his childhood and became a good guy as he was raised by the good people on earth. Vegeta joins and fights together with Goku also, but always wants to become the most powerful fighter on the universe adn defeat Goku. In the end of Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta realizes that one must choose the path of the good like Goku, hence Vegeta becomes a good guy by the end. This sketch of Buu and Vegeta from my collection of Dragon Ball Z sketches is made with simple pencil shading technique. Although i picked up faces of Vegeta and Buu from different episodes and draw Vegeta's sketch and Buu's sketch by looking at different episodes of the series, but still they do fight against each other for a long time in the ending episodes of the Dragon Ball Z series. Hope you have enjoyed my sketches collection of Dragon Ball Z characters. Click on the various Dragon Ball Z sketches to view them in full size. Please rate and comment on the post. Thanks for reading.

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