27 May 2012

Sketching the Shadows of Life

Shadows of Life Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
Shadows of Life Sketch

Shadows of Life sketch

Another sketch from my sketchbook. the shadows of life. It's a drawing from my imagination in which i draw various people doing various activities in their lives. One thing i can do easily is draw the shadows of the characters or other things easily that look similar to the original drawing. In this simple drawing, i draw six pieces of single or multiple people busy with their lives or enjoying it along with their shadows. This Shadows of Life sketch made by me is very different from what i usually draw. But i still felt like the sketch is fine and can be shared. So, that's it for the Shadows of life sketch. To have a better look at my sketches, you can click on the pictures and view sketches in larger sizes. You can subscribe to my sketchbook blog and receive the new sketches i will upload via e-mail. Enter your e-mail id in the place given on the bottom of this page and hit enter. You will receive my new posts about sketches in your mail. Also, you can join my page Maninder's Sketches on Facebook  That's it for the day, Thanks for reading.

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