02 May 2012

Sketch of Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
Jack Sparrow Sketch
The next sketch i draw is of the Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean. I have watched all the parts of the movie, they are quite good. But the reason i draw this sketch is not the same. I wanted to move on to making real sketches from sketching just Anime. Although i love anime and will continue making them but still i want to try something different. So, for the drawings of real people i searched for some pictures. I wanted to make a easier one for the first time. So, i made this one as i found it more easy to draw than other people's face. It's easier to draw as there are a lot of unique attributes to this character of Johnny Depp. Creating a simpler face is comparatively difficult. Honestly, i made it real bad. Just hope to make better sketches from the next time on. I am thinking about making Brad Pitt and more people's sketches in the near future. I know i didn't made a good drawing but will make sure to improve over time. Thanks for reading.

This video shows the steps i used in making the Jack Sparrow sketch-
Making of the Jack Sparrow Sketch video

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