27 May 2012

Sketch of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter and Deedee (Sister Mom) sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
Dexter and Deedee (Sister Mom) sketch

Dexter Sketch

Another sketch from My Sketchbook, Dexter. Dexter is the famous and the funny character from the show Dexter's Laboratory presented on Cartoon Network. This sketch of Dexter and Deedee is from the episode named Dexter's Laboratory and Sister Mom. In this episode Dexter's principal from his school wants Dexter to bring his mom to the school. So, to prevent his mom from meeting the principal and getting his work done, Dexter converts Deedee's body to his Mom's body and takes her with him to the school. This sketch is made from one of the scene in that episode of Dexter's Laboratory. This sketch of Dexter is made with pen and shading in the hair and gloves is done with pen only. Fortunately in this Dexter's Sketch, i had no mistake to correct because if i had one i could not have rubbed it. Well, that's it for the Sketch of Dexter and Sister Mom. Hope you like Dexter's Sketch. Please rate it, comment and follow the blog to stay updated. Thanks for reading.

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