12 January 2012

Sketch made by my Brother

Ancient Indian art - sketch by Satinder pal Singh
Sketch By Satinder Pal Singh
This Post is dedicated to my brother, Satinder Pal Singh. He's an excellent artist. He's my elder brother but he made this drawing long ago at the age of around 12-14 years. At such a young age, he made such a Masterpiece. Well, i don't exactly know who is in this sketch but surely linked to some ancient style of Art in India. This sketch reminds of the ancient historic drawings made in India during the Mughal period. So, for such a nice drawing, i dedicate this blog post to my brother ' Satinder Pal Singh'. Hope you like his drawing. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. very nice drawing....congrats to your brother....Looks like miniature drawings from Akbar,shah Jahan period...Try giving contrasting bright colors.... it will montage the picture more...