11 August 2016

Naruto Uzumaki Face Drawings

Here are the Naruto drawings I made a few years back. Based on the quality of images in my previous Naruto sketches posts, I decided to post them over again in a better resolution this time.

All Naruto drawings made with a regular pencil on sheets of a regular drawing pad. Here's the first one featuring a smiling Naruto. Hope that cheers you up!

Naruto Smiling Face Drawing

Honestly, I messed this one up. But I am sharing it anyways and call it the very angry Naruto!

Angry Naruto Pencil Drawing

This one may look angry in the first instance but is more of a calm and serious Naruto. Something you should be right before a fight. In this pencil drawing of Naruto, I have left the face too light in contrast to the dark clothing.

Naruto Drawing Ready to Fight

The best friends and the best rivals at same time! It's Sasuke Uchicha and Naruto Uzumaki all set to take on each other in this next pencil drawing.

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha Pencil Drawing

Naruto without the head band and that look on his face? You know you are in trouble if he is looking at you right now. Also, that wraps up the last of the Naruto sketches I have made. 

Naruto Screaming Drawing

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