29 July 2012

City Under Clouds

City Under Clouds Sketch by Maninder Pal Singh
City Under Clouds Sketch

City Under Clouds Sketch

Alright, a new sketch from the collection of imaginary drawings in my sketchbook. I made a city inspired from a wallpaper on my desktop. I made a big water body or an ocean which reflects the whole city. That was all my plan for the City sketch. But it felt like a lot of empty space still left. So i thought of making something above the city so i can create its shadow in the ocean and fill all the space left on the paper. I first thought of birds but later thought of something that will fill all of the sketch and hence i made clouds. I made dark clouds ready to rain anytime. Its like a big storm is coming. A time just before it starts raining with heavy winds blowing. Just like most of my sketches its made with a single pencil and free hand drawing technique. That's all for the City Under Clouds sketch. Leave some comments. Thanks for reading.

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