16 June 2012

Sketches of Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart is the main Protagonist of the famous Final Fantsay VIII, a console based RPG (role playing game) made by Square Enix. Squall stands 5 feet 10 inches, long hair and a scar across brow and bridge of his nose. Squall Leonhart character of Final Fantasy is considered as a lone wolf as he never shows his feelings. Squall has also appeared in other games like Chocobo racing, Itadaki Street Special and Kingdom Hearts. 

Squall Leonhart with a Gunblade


One of the most famous things about Squall Leonhart is his super powerful weapon, the 'GUNBLADE'. The holding part of the weapon is a gun and the blade as the rest of the weapon, hence the name GUNBLADE. Alright, lets talk about the sketches of Squall i have made so far.

Squall Leonhart Sketch 1
Sketch 1 of Squall Leonhart

Sketches of Squall Leonhart

This is the first sketch of Squall Leonhart i have made. It is one of the finest sketches in my sketchbook. I love Squall's character from Final Fantasy, his attitude and fighting style are awesome. This sketch was not an easy one. But the more difficult it is, better results we get. Difficult sketches consume more time also, but are worth it. When i draw a complex and time consuming sketch, i am really excited while drawing, as i will get a good sketch after its complete. In this sketch, hair were a little difficult part. His dress and eyes look nice. I love his scar, it adds to his attitude. I made this with simple pencil shading technique, i draw the outline of Squall Leonhart and filled Squall's sketch with pencil shading. That's it for the first sketch of Squall, see my second sketch of Squall Leonhart below.

Squall Leonhart Sketch 2
Sketch 2 of Squall Leonhart
Here's the second sketch of Squall Leonhart. Again made with pencil shading. Firstly, draw the outline of the Squall's face and then fill the sketch with pencil shading. I'll post more sketches and paintings of Squall Leonhart as soon as i draw more. For now, just enjoy these two sketches. To get a clear view of Squall's sketches, click on the images and view them full size. Do not forget to comment on the post and follow the blog. That's all about the sketches of Squall Leonhart from my sketchbook, thanks for reading.

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