30 July 2012

Xmen Origins Wolverine Sketch

Logan / Wolverine

Before we start talking about my sketch of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Logan, let's talk about what Wolverine is? Wolverine is actually an animal, which is the largest Carnivore among the family of weasels. Wolverine is very powerful and can kill prey much larger than itself. Maybe that's the reason for giving the name Wolverine to this high strength character in X-Men comics. Wolverine, as we today know in movies, originated from a fictional character in Marvel comics.
Wolverine is a mutant with retracting claws, great senses and healing capabilities. Wolverine has appeared as a part of various different series like Avengers and X-Men. Wolverine first appeared in 'The Incredible Hulk' comic series. In that comic there is probably a fight between Hulk and Wolverine. The sketch i have made is from the movie 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' released in 2009. Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman has many more names in the movie. As a child, Wolverine is called as James Howlett. He is called Jimmy by his brother Victor. He is often called as Logan which derives from his father's last name. He gives himself the name Wolverine after his girlfriend tells him about Wolverine. When William Stryker successfully performs an experiment and makes Wolverine almost non-destructible, Logan is named as Weapon X. The biggest difference i noticed about Wolverine in the X-men movies and the comics is that he doesn't wears a mask in the movies whereas he does so everywhere else. As Wolverine is played by Hugh Jackman, so i may call my Wolverine's sketch as Hugh Jackman's sketch too.

The Sketch of Wolverine

Wolverine Sketch by maninder pal singh
Wolverine Sketch
Here's the sketch of Wolverine. Made like all my other sketches, outlined with a pencil. Then filling the free drawn sketch with pencil shading. That's all i have to say about Wolverine and the sketch of Wolverine. I am adding a video of making of this Wolverine sketch. Please watch the video and make some comments. Thanks for reading.

Making of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Sketch

Making of the Wolverine Sketch video

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