17 February 2012

Almost Me - Maninder Self Sketch

Maninder Pal Singh Self Sketch
Maninder Pal Singh
After creating a sketch of myself, i was not satisfied. So, i planned and created another one. This time i tried to make the most accurate sketch i can make. So, this time it looks more like me. This is the latest drawing i have made so far. I don't know what comes to my mind next. Again the technique i have  used is Pencil Shading. First of all, i draw a basic outline. Face and Turban were an easier part. I could have left the shirt empty, but i just thought of making it exactly like the one i was wearing. So, shirt part was a little difficult and time consuming part of my self sketch. Well, i have written the name of my blog under my Sketch, but don't visit it as the blog has been deleted. It is actually moved to a new location that you are currently viewing my sketches at. Thanks for reading the post and visiting the blog.

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